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Massage Therapy Job Opportunity

Open Hiring – The Best Massage Therapists

Our goal is to partner with the BEST massage therapists, and work with them for life.
• PT + FT work available.
• You control your schedule.
• Comp up to $100K+

Do you want to:
• be treated with respect as a colleague and professional?
• control your own schedule?
• provide exceptional massage services?
• make up to 75K+ a year helping 25 clients/wk, or 100K+ helping 30?
• join the most exciting name in massage therapy!?

Steps to Join Sageworks
We’ve broken the process down into 3 simple steps:
1. Review position overview below (3-5 mins)
– This includes work duties and compensation
– If it feels like a good fit for you…
2. Complete onboarding paperwork (10 mins)
– We’ll ask for your demographic info, licensure, etc.
– Authorize us to conduct a background check
– Provide the info we need to pay you
– Sign our basic work agreement
3. Complete training and get started (~1 hour, over ~1 week)
– Watch training presentation
– Learn basic operations, like how to use our scheduling tool
– Receive a Sageworks office tour
– Start helping clients!
Of course, we’re with you the whole way. If you’re ever stuck you can ask us any question, anytime.
Now let’s get started with Step 1!

Position Overview
We’re seeking an exceptional licensed massage therapist to provide professional services.
A successful candidate must:
– Provide exceptional massage therapy services
– Build strong rapport with repeat clients
– Manage an online calendar, without cancelling scheduled sessions
– Show up on time to all client appointments
– Act in accordance with all applicable ethical codes
– Maintain an active professional license & professional liability insurance
– Operate with the highest level of professionalism
Sageworks offers in-office and at-home services. Therapists may select whether they prefer to provide
services in-office, at clients’ homes, or both.

About In-office Services:
Our office is in beautiful downtown Fredericksburg. Sageworks Elite™ massage services are booked for
60 or 90 minute sessions. Each session includes hot stone and hot towel treatment (that may be
declined by the client).

We provide:
– beautiful space
– massage table
– hot stones
– music
– hot towel warmer
You must bring (types designated by us):
– Clean sheets and towels
– Massage lotion / oils

About At-home Services:
At home services are available for clients living up to a 10 minute drive from our office. Sageworks
Elite™ massage is 60 or 90 minutes at premises (meaning that clock starts when the therapist arrives).
There is no hot towel or hot stone treatment available for at-home services
You must bring (designated by us):
– Clean sheets
– Massage lotion / oils
– Portable massage table (we can rent you a table if this is cost prohibitive)
– Bluetooth speaker

We believe in providing exceptional compensation for excellent providers.
This position is an independent contractor role, meaning taxes are not withheld.
This is what you make when you work in our beautiful office.
– When you help a client for 1-6 sessions: $35 per hr, $52.50 per 90 min.
– When you help a client for 7 or more sessions: $65 per hr, $97.50 per 90 min.
(includes 18% gratuity automatically charged to every client).

Provide 20 hours a week = 4% increase (to your session fee)
Provide 25 hours a week = 7% increase
Provide 30 hours a week = 10% increase
Provide 35 hours a week = 13% increase
Example: if you help 25 long-term clients a week in-office, you’ll make $71.50 an hour.
Example: if you help 35 long-term clients a week in-office, you’ll make $73.45 an hour.

You can earn even more.
If you offer at home services, you will also earn a $20 travel fee per appointment
(these are local appointments, not more than a 10-minute drive).

Example: if you help 25 long-term clients a week at-home, you’ll make $91.50 an hour.
Example: if you help 35 long-term clients a week at-home, you’ll make $93.45 an hour.

Step 1 is complete! On to steps 2 and 3…

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