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Arm Pathologies – 6 CEU Hours

From: $150.00

Arm Pathologies

10:00am – 4:45pm
CE Hours: 6
Instructor: Gena Ferguson


Course Description: As massage therapists, we learn several different techniques and modalities in school and throughout our career. At times, however, we are left guessing which techniques are indicated for specific soft-tissue conditions and pathologies that are within our scope of practice to treat. Unfortunately, this uncertainty leads many therapists, regardless of experience, to avoid the massage and bodywork that could otherwise provide relief to their clients. The purpose of this course is to educate the students on the massage applications indicated for thoracic outlet syndrome, lateral epicondylitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Upon completion, the student will have the confidence and skill to provide relief from the symptoms most commonly experienced from these conditions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn anatomical structures involved with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow), and carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)
  • Learn signs and symptoms of TOS, tennis elbow, and CTS
  • Learn how the symptoms of these conditions may be exacerbated
  • Learn how to relieve symptoms by combining different Swedish, range of motion (ROM), myofascial release, trigger point, pin-and-stretch, and basic deep tissue techniques
  • Develop communication techniques to remain within an acceptable pain threshold
  • Execute appropriate draping and body mechanics during each technique