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Medical Massage for Post-Surgical Conditions – 6 CEU Hours –

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Medical Massage for Post-Surgical Conditions

9:00AM – 4:00PM
CE Hours: 6
Instructor: Erin Hughes, PT, LMT


Course Description:

This course will teach the massage professional about working with post-surgical clients referred by a health care provider. The student will review the relevant anatomy and pathophysiology of each post-surgical condition and explain the benefits as well as the potential massage limitations or contraindications. Upon completion, the student will have the confidence and skill to provide relief from the symptoms most commonly experienced by clients who have undergone surgery for a specific medical condition.

Learning Objectives:

– Identify the anatomical structures (bony landmarks, muscles, nerves, and blood supply) as it applies to the post-surgical medical conditions presented.

– Understand the typical signs and symptoms and understand the nature of the post-surgical medical condition.

– Understand the indications for using medical massage protocols for the post-surgical condition presented.

– Identify potential contraindications and limitations for massage application for each post-surgical medical condition.

– Choose the proper massage techniques in relation to the post-surgical medical condition and the client’s presenting complaints.

– Determine the efficacy of the medical massage treatment provided for the post-surgical condition and be able to recognize when referral of a client to another health care provider is necessary.

Examples of conditions to be discussed in this course include: Total and Partial Joint Replacement (Hip, Knee and Shoulder), Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair, Meniscal Tear Repair, Plastic Surgery

This course is part of the Medical Massage for Neurologic, Neuromuscular, Post-Surgical, and Oncologic Conditions Certificate program