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Medical Massage of the Extremities Certificate – 24 CEU Hours – 06/15, 06/17, 06/22 & 06/28/2021

From: $800.00

Medical Massage of the Extremities Certificate

9:00AM – 4:00PM (Each Day)
CE Hours: 24
Instructor: Erin Hughes, PT, LMT

**Please Note** All 4 days are reserved with 6/15 booking; attendance is mandatory all 4 days to receive certification.


Completion of all four courses will allow the student to be certified in Medical Massage for the Extremities. The four courses include: Medical Massage of the Shoulder and Arm; Medical Massage of the Forearm and Hand; Medical Massage of the Hip and Knee; and Medical Massage of the Ankle and Foot.

Participants can receive 6 hours of continuing education credit (CEUs) for each class attended, but all four courses much be completed to receive certification for Medical Massage of the Extremities.

Course Description:

This course will teach the massage professional about medical conditions and injuries involving the shoulder, arm, forearm, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot, so they may apply the appropriate massage techniques to successfully treat a client that may have been referred by a health care provider. The student will review the relevant anatomy and pathophysiology of the area being studied and the benefits as well as the potential massage limitations or contraindications as it applies to each medical condition. Upon completion, the student will have the confidence and skill to provide relief from the symptoms most commonly experienced by clients suffering from these conditions or injuries of the extremities.