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Prenatal Massage – 18 CEU Hours – 5/1, 5/8, & 5/15/2020

From: $450.00

Prenatal Massage

10:00am-4:45pm (Each day)

Instructor – Sylvia Harris
CE Hours: 18

**Please Note** All 3 days are reserved with 5/1 booking; attendance is mandatory all 3 days to receive certification.


Course Description:

**In order to receive certification for this course, you must complete all three days (18 hours) of the training**

This is a course in prenatal massage therapy. Students will learn massage theory and techniques for all three trimesters of pregnancy, post-partum, and labor and delivery massage.  Students will also become familiar with other modalities that can be employed during a prenatal session. Some basic techniques for additional modalities will be offered and students will be encouraged to continue their education.

Course Objectives:

  1. Students will be able to state the benefits of massage therapy during pregnancy. Both general benefits throughout and also individual benefits to each body system.
  2. Students will briefly review each body system and understand the changes that occur in each system during pregnancy
  3. Students will understand common ailments during pregnancy such as edema and morning sickness
  4. Students will learn basic considerations for massage therapy during each trimester and know how to position and drape the client as pregnancy progresses
  5. Students will review the lymphatic system, understand it’s role and how it is affected during pregnancy. They will gain an understanding of edema
  6. Students will learn basic lymphatic drain techniques specifically geared towards alleviating edema in pregnant clients
  7. Students will learn contraindications that are specific to pregnant women and learn how to identify whether or not massage therapy is appropriate for their clients
  8. Students will learn how to utilize Homan’s technique to identify deep vein thrombosis
  9. Students will learn about safe exercise during each trimester of pregnancy and how to talk to their clients about the importance of exercise
  10. Students will learn about kegal exercises. They will be able to state why they are important and how to teach their client to preform them.
  11. Students will receive a brief overview of aroma therapy and gain a basic understanding of how essential oils work
  12. Students will learn specific oils that are contraindicated during pregnancy, the benefits of specific oils in treating pregnancy related conditions and safe application techniques for those oils
  13. Students will receive a brief overview of reflexology and how it works
  14. Students will learn three reflex points that are specific to pregnancy and will learn natural ways to alleviate headaches and GI problems using reflexology.
  15. Students will learn about prenatal foot massage. How to use safely without stimulating the reflex point associated with the uterus
  16. Students will learn about episiotomy and how to avoid it by teaching their client perineal massage techniques
  17. Students will learn about the different stages of labor and learn which massage techniques are safe and useful during each stage
  18. Students will learn about post-natal massage and how the body changes post delivery
  19. Students will learn about sciatica and how to relive it from a side lying position
  20. Students will learn about marketing themselves as a prenatal therapist and understand how to set up a business as a prenatal therapist.