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Massage Therapy Job Opportunity – Little Rock, VA

Chiropractic & Massage Little Rock

615 Beechwood St.

Little Rock, Virginia 72205

Phone: (870) 828-2034

Email: [email protected]

Working in a chiropractic clinic is a very easy process for massage therapists. The doctors will assess the patients and give the therapists a treatment directive. 

Therapists are expected to follow the directions given, be professional throughout the treatment, ask clarifying questions when needed, observe proper draping at all times to respect the patients modesty, use the appropriate amount of pressure during treatment, listen to the patient if adjustments to method or pressure are needed, treat all who come through the door with respect and kindness, support the chiropractors’ treatment plans for patients, stay within the time allotted for treatment, wash hands after (and before) each massage. graciously accept gratuity (but don’t expect it from doctor-directed clients, this is covered by therapist’s hourly pay.), remove table linens and place in laundry room basket after each client, remake the massage table with provided linens, run washing machines and dryers throughout the day as needed, fill out notes on each client with office-provided forms each day, and have an enjoyable work-day. Most therapists provide their own massage crème. 

Clients are scheduled by the front office staff. Therapists are encouraged to refer people into the practice. No independant bookings allowed. Pay is higher than massage chains/franchises. Therapists with chiropractic treatment experience a bonus, but not required.