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Angelica Rios Does Something Spectacular at AMBI

Angelica Battles Against the Odds and Becomes a Massage Therapist in Vienna, Va.

Here at AMBI, we know that each and every student faces his or her own challenges when it comes to getting an education. Whether it’s working while in school, raising a family, taking care of dependants, or other personal challenges, the path to becoming a Massage Therapist is unique to each individual

But, as you’ll see in the case of Angelica Rios, challenges can be overcome. Angelica came to the US after being blinded in a terrorist attack. She received over 360 stitches to her face alone and lost her one-year-old child in the attack as well. Along with her family, she immigrated to the US.

For many, these challenges may have lead to a lifetime of lost opportunities.

Not for Angelica.

She earned her certification to practice Massage Therapy in August. And she will now join the other 1.5 million blind workers in the US who have fulfilling careers – but she’s also done something else…

She’s shown her daughter that anything is possible. Her daughter described her as a role model to all women, and that her mother taught her how we can achieve anything with effort.

Here at AMBI, we’re so proud to have supported Angelica in her journey towards her new career as a Massage Therapist. At the age of 50, and battling against numerous obstacles, Angelica is an inspiration to anyone who’s facing difficulty and wants to discover a rewarding career.

“For me it is very important to work, to contribute to my country and my community.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Angelica. Congratulations.