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Massage Therapy As An Important Healthcare Service

Woman receiving massage on her face and neck.
Times may be uncertain, but massage therapy will once again be an in-demand service for the relief of pain and stress. 

Massage Therapy Debated As An Essential Service

In March 2020, our lives and our daily routines were all changed dramatically. Social distancing and self-quarantine became the new directive. Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus, most massage therapy practices were closed by state legislators in order to stop the spread of the contagious disease. Clients who enjoyed regular massage services were now told that they must put their treatments on hold until further notice.

During this time of business pause, many clients and practitioners alike debated that massage therapy was indeed an “essential” service. Clients who have normally relied on regular visits to the massage therapist for the benefits of pain relief and stress reduction, were acutely feeling the physical and psychological effects of not having hands-on bodywork and massage performed on them.

Nothing Compares to Massage

Some massage therapists were able to give their clients some long-distance tips and tricks for stretching stiff or sore muscles, while others gave direction for self-massage techniques to provide some temporary relief. But there really is no substitute for a hands-on therapeutic massage!

A foam roller and tennis ball can only go so far in helping to tame trigger points and muscle tightness. Plus, your own hands just can’t get some of those hard to reach places where a massage therapist can expertly use their manual skills. Clients are eagerly looking for the relief and relaxation that only a trained massage therapist can provide.

Emotional Benefits of Massage

But it isn’t only the physical benefits of massage that clients miss. Social distancing and self-quarantine have forced isolation on us all in one form or another. As humans, we crave and need connection with others. Touch is another crucial aspect of our overall well-being.

Safe touch provided during a massage therapy session is one way a connection is made between two people. Touch also promotes the parasympathetic nervous system to trigger relaxation chemicals to be released in our bodies. Indeed, WE ALL could use a little more relaxation and stress relief at this moment. Massage therapy is a valuable stress reduction tool that many will be looking to utilize as close contact restrictions are eased.

Massage Therapy Will Be In Demand

When it is safe for massage therapy businesses to safely reopen, regular and new clients alike, will be craving the relief of massage for chronic stress buildup and the reduction of pain. So, have no fear, massage therapy will most certainly make a comeback!

Now more than ever, we can see the crucial role that massage therapy plays in people’s physical health, as well as their emotional well-being. Soon we will be able to enjoy the multiple benefits that massage therapy brings, and as a school, AMBI will be there to provide high-quality instruction to its students and future massage professionals.

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