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High School Students: 8 Reasons to Pick a Massage Therapy Career

As spring wraps up and summer inches near, it’s the perfect time for you high school seniors to think about after-graduation plans. You’ll soon enter adulthood, and for many, this means pursuing a career or other studies. To maximize your opportunities, it’s good to know all about a career path before you journey down one.

Choosing a career can be tough. What will you enjoy? What will support you in a comfortable lifestyle? What will allow you a measure of flexibility? These decisions can induce stress, but they can also be exciting.

Why Consider Massage Therapy

If you want a flexible career with a good income, consider becoming a massage therapist. Why’s that? Massage therapy is a rewarding career focused on helping people—it may fit your career goals perfectly!

To start, what should you know about the massage industry? How can you know if massage therapy is right for you?

1 – Industry Growth

Massage therapy is an exploding industry. In 2015, it made a $12.1 billion dollars. Just 10 years before, in 2005, it was projected to reach the $6 to $11 billion dollar milestone. Breakdown: It’s growing much faster than originally predicted, and it shows no sign of slowing down. So if you’re looking to join a growing industry, this is it.

Additionally, massage is viewed more-than-ever as a needed service. Many Americans now view massage as an essential part of self-care, and it’s also viewed in an increasingly positive light by medical communities. This means more people than ever believe massage is something they need; it’s not just a luxury service. A Zogby Analytics survey of consumers in January 2017 indicated 25% of Americans received a massage from a massage therapist in 2016.1 Translation: Many Americans appreciate and want massage therapy in their lives!

According to the United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, the “employment of massage therapists is expected to grow 23 percent from 2012 to 2022, much faster than average for all occupations”.

Are you ready to consider it now?

2 – The Joy of Helping People

A career focused on helping others can bring incredible satisfaction. Through the power of their touch, massage therapists relieve chronic pain, rehabilitate injuries, improve blood circulation, relieve stress, and promote relaxation. Today, massage therapists work in spas, wellness centers, medical and chiropractic facilities, cruise ships and fitness centers. Massage therapists treat clients by using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body.

3 – Excellent Pay

Pay is also a consideration. Massage therapists have flexible schedules and make very good starting pay. According to the American Massage Therapy Association®, a massage therapist charges an average of $71.64 for a one-hour massage. For other massage related work, they earn an average of $46 an hour. If you like to control your schedule, your earnings, and make a high hourly wage—consider a career in massage therapy.

4 – Education without Heavy Debt

Choosing what to do after high school is such an important decision, but you also don’t want to be saddled with a lot of student loan debt. (The average bachelor’s degree cost in the United States is now $132,000. And 40% of students drop out before attaining it.) As an alternative to traditional colleges, vocational schools like AMBI Massage School have grown in popularity because they are designed to give you training in a specific field so you are work ready. A vocational education can save you thousands of dollars compared with other college education costs.

Are you currently considering a career in healthcare or wellness? Do you enjoy helping others feel better? Have you considered massage therapy?

5 – Flexible Schedule

Massage therapy also offers something special—flexibility. Do you have other hobbies, interests, or responsibilities? The massage therapy industry usually allows a therapist to control his or her schedule. Many massage therapists often work for themselves, and others work in spas or clinics. Full-time for a massage therapist is considered to be 27-30 hours a week, and many employers are offering full-time benefits with that schedule. If you dread the thought of 9-5 job monotony, massage therapy may be a great fit for you!

6 – Real-World, Specialized Skills

At massage therapy school, you’ll learn and master the newest real-world techniques and knowledge necessary to succeed as a massage therapist. AMBI Massage School is a vocational trade school that provides more than an education. You get an education targeted for a specific career path. Whereas a Liberal Arts major at a university may have trouble deciding which job to pursue after graduation, a massage therapy program student knows he or she wants to be a massage therapist.  Your time at school is focused, so you accomplish your career goals quickly!

7 – Gateway Career

Massage therapy is also a gateway career for many. In our 700 hours of training at AMBI Massage School in Northern Virginia, we study anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, pathology, massage theory and technique, Basic CPR/First Aid training, running a clinic, and preparation for the MBLEx state licensing exam. These skills frequently overlap into other career paths, and many of our students use a massage therapy career as a gateway to another health care related field. Students looking to enter advanced medical training programs such as nursing, chiropractic care, or physical therapy can get a great introduction to a related career in massage therapy. This can allow you to earn an income while pursuing these advanced medical positions.

8 – Job Prospects

Since a massage therapy education is very specific, it is easier for your massage therapy school to connect you with employers who need your skills. AMBI Massage School will also assist you in finding a job, networking, and even help you with your interviewing skills. (Check out our massage therapist job board—featuring massage therapy job openings in Northern Virgina and the DC area.) It’s easier to find a job fresh out of vocational or trade school since you and your potential employers understand your specific skillset.

Ready for Massage Therapy School?

Should you go to trade school for massage therapy? Carefully consider your goals and the benefits of massage school, then make your decision thoughtfully. Going to a massage therapy trade school or vocational school is a path that will lead directly into a job. If you decide massage therapy school in Virginia is right for you, you’ll have a career path picked out. After you decide on a massage therapy career, what’s next?

Time to Pick a School

So you’ve done your research, and you feel massage therapy is a career is for you. Next, it’s time to pick a school. Start with making a short list of institutions, schools, or universities to help you enter the massage field. After you make your list of massage therapy schools, visit each of them and speak with the staff. Ask specific questions about the class size, the approach to learning, and job placement assistance.

What Does AMBI Massage School Offer?

The Massage Therapy program at AMBI Massage School takes 7 months to complete. After the program wraps up, students sit for a state licensing exam. Upon graduating from our program and successfully completing your state exam, graduates apply for a license, which is administered by the Virginia Board of Nursing. Job placement services are also provided to all graduates of AMBI Massage School. We are very committed to the success of our students—helping them every step of the way to achieve their goals.

Where Is AMBI Massage School Located?

AMBI Massage School is located in Vienna Virginia. We are conveniently situated in Tysons Corner, right off Route 7 at Spring Hill Road in Virginia. Our top rated school is not far from the Washington DC area, and we are near many Northern Virginia towns. For your convenience, we offer ample parking and are located 2 blocks from the Spring Hill Metro Station on the Silver Line. For more information, please call us at 571-620-7170. We invite you to come tour today AMBI Massage School and meet our staff today!

Got questions? We’re happy to help. Say hello anytime.