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Want a Career in a Growing Industry? Try Massage Therapy!

As an industry, massage therapy shows signs of steady growth. In fact, it’s growing a lot faster than we predicted 10 years ago. How’s that?

Good News for Massage Therapy Students: You’re in Demand!

Back in 2005, massage therapy was predicted to be a $6 to $11 billion dollar industry within a decade. But by 2015, the industry had already grown to $12.1 billion and showed no signs of slowing down.

From 2011 to 2015, we saw a 14% growth in Americans turning to alternative/complementary health care options—including massage therapy. Employment in alternative/complementary health care also increased by 19% from 2011 to 2015. This means massage therapy students have more job opportunities than ever before. The average pay for a massage therapist is $46 per hour (including tips) for massage related work, which makes it a lucrative career option with a flexible work schedule.

Employment in alternative/complementary health care grew by 19% from 2011 to 2015.

Between July of 2015 and July of 2016, surveys show roughly 50 million Americans had a massage at least once. This is a staggering number, and far above other health care services. Why are so many Americans deciding to get massages now?

Massage Therapy—Its Growing Popularity

The public image of massage has never been better. More people are getting massages, and more people believe massage is genuinely helpful for one’s health.

In 2016, 78% of individuals who received a massage said it was either medical (50%) or for stress relief (28%). Motives for getting massages range from pain relief, to soreness, spasms, injury, headaches, pregnancy, or just general well-being. The point is, more Americans than ever before believe massage is the answer. They’re turning to massage for relief and as a solution to a wide range of issues.

How did these individuals feel about their massage therapy? Overall, responses were highly positive. We saw 88% of individuals view massage as being beneficial to health and general well-being. And a slightly higher 89% of individuals believe massage helps reduce pain. A new high of 28% of respondents use massage therapy specifically to help with pain relief.

Why We Get Massages: New Reasons to See a Massage Therapist

In times past, Americans viewed massage as a high-end spa service to be indulged in on rare occasions. It carried an elite air of self-indulgence and wasn’t viewed as a commonly acceptable medical treatment. It was a pampering specialty service. How times have changed! Now Americans use massage to assist with medical conditions, and it’s increasingly viewed as part of ‘healthy upkeep’ for your body. Additionally, more medical professionals are encouraging massage than ever before.

Today, only 27% of Americans believe massage therapy is a pampering service. This change is evident when we see where people are receiving their messages. Increasingly, massages are given outside of traditional spas. By 2015, only 22% of massages were given in spas. In 2016, doctors recommending a massage to patients grew to 51%!

Americans Want Massage Therapy as Part of Health Care

Americans are increasingly convinced that massage provides great benefits. In a recent survey, 71% agreed that massage therapy should be considered health care.

Health care providers themselves are now more commonly viewing massage as a legitimate option for addressing health concerns. In the past year, 56% of physicians recommended massage to their patients—an increase of 2% from 54% the previous year of 2015.

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Why America’s Opinion of Massage Matters to Students

Are you considering massage therapy as a career path? The growth in the industry is exciting. It means additional opportunities for work and an increasingly positive promotion of the massage field in the medical community. Every day, thousands of people search for “massage therapy near me VA”—looking for Virginia massage therapists!

As more Americans continue to enjoy the benefits of massage, the image of massage therapy is evolving. Once considered a luxury experience, massage therapy is viewed more than ever as part of total health and wellness.

Massage Therapy Near Me VA: Learn Massage Therapy in Northern Virginia

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