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Massage Therapy Ranked #5 in Best Health Care Support Jobs

Are you in a dead end job? Tired of pushing papers? Want a job that aims, above all else, to make people feel better? Consider becoming a Massage Therapist!

U.S. News recently released their highly respected annual survey of careers. Massage Therapist ranked number five on their list of “Top Health Care Support Jobs of 2017!

Read on to discover what a Massage Therapist does, the exciting career paths available within the industry, what it takes to become a Massage Therapist, and how happy therapists are with their career choice!

Could I be a Massage Therapist?

A Massage Therapist helps people feel better by using touch to manipulate the body’s muscles. Massage Therapists use the power of touch to help clients relieve pain, rehabilitate from injuries, and unwind sore, stubborn muscles. Massage Therapy industry research proves that a skilled therapist can increase a client’s relaxation levels, reduce stress levels, and enhance a person’s overall feeling of well being – meaning that as a Massage Therapist, you can greatly contribute to overall increases in a client’s quality of life!

Career Paths

The wide range of work environments may surprise you when it comes to Massage Therapy. You could work in a hospital or rehabilitation center, helping people to recover from injury or illness. You could work in a local spa, fancy hotel, exotic resort, or – if you’re lucky – maybe even with a professional sports team. You could even work on a cruise ship and see the world!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects, they project at least a 20% growth in employment between now and 2024 in the massage therapy field.

Massage Therapy is not just applied in day spas and resorts to help people relax. Some people really need your help! Think about all the relief you could provide to a mom with migraines or an athlete after a long run. Some insurance now covers massage. For example, after a car accident or when a patient is seen at a chiropractor’s office.

With so many different paths and opportunities available to trained professionals in a rewarding career like Massage Therapy, it’s really up to you on where and when you want to work. The sky’s the limit!

What Education is needed to become a Massage Therapist?

Requirements change from state to state. We will give a general idea of how things work and also list what we offer at AMBI Massage School here in VA.

To obtain a license, most states require Massage Therapists to complete a formal training program with a minimum of 500 hours, and, after the training program, to pass an examination. While most programs offered at colleges, universities, and vocational schools require a minimum of 500 hours of training, the comprehensive program at AMBI consists of 700 hours of instruction and training, all designed to support your development into a highly skilled Massage Therapist.

Some programs may focus on particular massage specializations, while others provide a general overview of the field. All programs include classes in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology. AMBI’s main program focuses on Swedish Massage.

American Massage & Bodywork Institute’s educational curriculum helps prepare students for the Massage & Bodywork Licensing Exam. After graduation, AMBI also offers required credits for state mandated continuing education, so that Alumni can conveniently keep their certifications in good standing, and stay current with industry trends.

There are graduates from AMBI that work in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

Career Happiness

Based on survey results the average Massage Therapist is very happy with their career path. They enjoy the low stress work environment, and the rewarding daily mission of helping their clients. Massage Therapy is a fantastic career choice for someone looking for work-life balance. A lot of joy comes from a career where your time is spent helping others by relieving pain, stress, and tension. There are many rewards and much satisfaction in simply helping someone raise their quality of life!

You’re Only 7 Months Away from becoming a Massage Therapist

Looking for a career that lets you really help someone while empowering you to live the life you’ve always dreamed? Then Massage Therapy could be the the career for you. If you’d like to learn more, fill out the form below. To answer your specific questions, and to determine if you are a good match for a career in Massage Therapy, an experienced school career counselor will contact you within the next 24 hours. We’re thrilled with your interest in a career within the Massage Therapy industry, and we look forward to helping you get started in this rewarding, growing profession!

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Student Clinic Questions


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