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#TESTIMONIALTUESDAY: A Year of Reflection- Thoughts on 2018 (Ep. 3)

#TESTIMONIALTUESDAY: A Year of Reflection- Thoughts on 2018 (Ep. 3)
If you’re ready for a change, then you could pursue a massage therapy career that helps other live fuller lives by training at AMBI

Our Passionate Instructors Make AMBI Massage School A Great Choice for Massage Training

My name is Gena Ferguson and I am the Lead Instructor at AMBI. I was introduced to the benefits of massage therapy as a young adult. For more than a year I struggled with low back and hip pain until I began a treatment plan of regular chiropractic care and massage therapy. Within two months all of my symptoms were alleviated. The results were impressive and the healing power of massage therapy (and chiropractic care) was undeniable. It was at this point that I knew I wanted to become a massage therapist.

Group of 3 female students and 1 male student smiling while teacher points at work in male student's binder.

It has been said that if you feed a man a fish, he eats for a day, but if you teach him to fish, he will eat forever. As a massage therapy instructor, I get to teach people how to help other people feel better and live more full and active lives, how rewarding! After a period of reflection following the graduation of my first class, and hearing from those students, I was able to more fully understand the importance of what we worked together to accomplish, and I am so thrilled to know that my teachings are a part of each treatment they provide their clients. What an amazing school and career field to be a part of!

Hands painted with world map.

In Episode 1, it was mentioned that we have graduated students from more than 20 countries of national origin. We have worked with students from all over North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, and several African nations. Our graduates represent students as young as 18, and as mature as 67 when they completed our program. They come from all walks of life: recent high school or college graduates; strength and conditioning professionals and athletes; from the health care industry including physicians, nurses, and physical therapists; attorneys; and people looking for a more rewarding career.

For many of our students, massage therapy has been something they were interested in for quite some time and are coming back to massage as a second career professional, both men, and women. While our graduates may speak different primary languages, and represent different cultures, the uniting factor in each is their desire to help others feel better through the power of their touch. As a result of this, there is a warm, welcoming environment where everyone works together to achieve their common goals.

4 hands held in a square pattern.

The diversity of our student population is something I am very proud of because massage therapy unites us in the desire to care for others, something we desperately need more of in this country. My favorite story is of a blind woman from Peru. English was not her first language, and she is blind, yet her desire to help others, in spite of the fact that she lost her vision in a terrorist attack is truly inspirational. We are thrilled to recognize her as a graduate of this school, and we are proud to call her a colleague. Thanks, Angelica!

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