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Massage Therapy as A Career for Every Type of Woman

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Any woman who is interested in a career as a massage therapist can get the skills to do that with AMBI

Women have come far today in society, however, there is still a long road ahead. For example, equal and fair pay across the board. It can be frustrating to learn that women get paid less than men in the same field, especially as their careers progress. Entering the Massage Therapy industry in as little as 28 weeks offers the opportunity to make a great starting salary that is only limited by your imagination. Here are some of the reasons we believe massage therapy is a lucrative and rewarding career for every type of woman.

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Female Dominated Industry

Since developing in the West, massage therapy has been a female dominated industry. As of July 2018, 73% of AMBI’s student population was female. There are many benefits of massage therapy as a career for women. The environment of massage therapy is flexible and nurturing; allowing women to feel validated, respected, and valued.

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The Highschool Graduate

High school students have many options after graduating – whether to attend a four-year-college, go to a vocational school, or enter directly into the workforce if they haven’t already. With student debt on the rise, 2-year programs and vocational schools can offer greater appeal financially. Massage therapy as a career is flexible, lucrative, rewarding and can also be a gateway for advanced medical training. AMBI offers financial aid and assistance with job placement upon graduating our 28-week training.

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The Stay-At-Home Parent

Being a stay-at-home mom is an individual decision. It can be extremely rewarding and depleting at the same time. So many unexpected situations come up despite the best-laid plans. There comes a day for all mothers when the little ones aren’t so little anymore and start attending school, affording some time to possibly explore re-entering the workforce. That can be a pivotal moment in every mom’s life – finding your individuality again – and what better way than with a career in massage therapy. As a massage therapist, you can set your own schedule, know what to expect each day, and return home feeling accomplished and renewed.

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The Single Parent

Choosing to pursue a career in Massage Therapy as a single mother offers the best of both worlds: working lucrative hours and still spending quality time with the children. When attending AMBI, part of the course is to complete 350 hours of hands-on training. This means you receive a massage almost every day over 28 weeks. We know you have to work to put food on the table and that is why we have multiple options for you to complete our massage therapy program. AMBI wants to help you succeed by translating your new job into a lasting career.

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The Professional

It is never too late for a career change, especially if you don’t feel you’re being rewarded in your current profession. We get it, you’ve worked hard all these years, honed your skills, and don’t want to throw it all away. Well, you can continue to work and train in our Massage Therapy program simultaneously, choosing between our different program options.

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The Retiree

Massage therapy has no age limit. The will to learn and help others is enough to succeed in this career. With schedule flexibility and a supportive network of colleagues and associations, Massage Therapy is a great alternative for retired women. You may find it was the missing piece you’ve been looking for your whole life.
No matter what stage of life you find yourself, massage therapy does not discriminate and is quite diverse. You may find it offers the kind of stability and fulfillment you have been needing in your life.