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#TESTIMONIALTUESDAY: A Year of Reflection- Thoughts of 2018 (Ep. 1)

#TESTIMONIALTUESDAY: A Year of Reflection- Thoughts of 2018 (Ep. 1)

A photo of a chair with text overlay that reads "A Year of Reflection- Thoughts of 2018 (Ep. 1)." If you want to start a Massage Therapy Career come to AMBI to learn how.
If your New Year’s goal is to start a Massage Therapy career AMBI can help you get there, the first step is to start with career training

If Pursuing a Massage Therapy Career is Your New Year’s Resolution Come to the American Massage and Bodywork Institution in Vienna, VA

My name is Scott Deidun, and I am the founder and President of the American Massage & Bodywork Institute, or AMBI as we call it. Whether you are simply exploring our school and your career options, a currently active student, a member of our alumni network, or a fan of massage, thank you for your interest in our school and this article, you truly inspire us to be and do our best each day, and we are so grateful for your support.

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2018 Was a Big of Accomplishments For AMBI

2018 was certainly a year of amazing AMBI news:

  • In April of 2018, we were pleased to welcome the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) for an audit and satisfaction survey of our students. We were overwhelmed when the surveys came back with a 99.53% Student Satisfaction Rating!
  • In July of 2018, we were amongst the fastest schools in the United States ever to be granted eligibility to participate in the Title IV, HEA programs, more commonly known as traditional student loans, or Federal Student Aid!
  • In August of 2018, we celebrated as our 100th graduate walked across the stage to receive their diploma. The first 100 graduates represented more than 20 countries of national origin!

To our students and graduates, thank you for trusting us to be a part of your journey, it is such an honor!

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Satisfaction in Setting Students on the Road to Success

My professional career has always involved working with and helping others. I love to learn about others and share ways that we may be able to help. Previously, as a financial professional, I built 30-year plans to achieve financial security with my clients. The only problem with that is…it takes 30 years to get there. I want to help people now. By inviting students to study massage therapy and providing them with the tools they need to be successful, I can help put them on a path toward financial freedom in about 28 weeks! After all, massage therapy is one of the most in-demand skills you can have in this country.

AMBI has provided me with the ability to work with and help so many different types of people. Whether a recent high school graduate, someone who did not finish college, a college graduate who realized there weren’t a lot of jobs or satisfaction in their field of study, physicians, lawyers, athletes, and second career professionals who have worked in an industry for a period of time and are now wanting to do something they are passionate about, helping others.

A group of smiling and happy, multi-cultural young adults

Meeting people from all walks of life, listening to their stories, and having them put their trust in and enrolling at AMBI is the most humbling experience of my life. I’ve met some of the most incredible people over the past few years and feel truly blessed. There is not a student or graduate of AMBI that has not added value to my life in some way, and I consider them all to be a part of our AMBI family.

What makes AMBI different? Rather than me telling you about all the great things we do here, and how much we truly care about the students, staff, and those we serve, we decided to produce a five-episode series for our blog and social media channels. Over each of the next 5 weeks, we will offer up an episode. Each episode will start with a staff member offering their 2018 highlights, and two student testimonials. That way, you can hear from our alumni about what makes us different than other schools, highlights from their new career, and experience here at AMBI.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you tune in for future episodes. Should you have any questions about our school, massage therapy, or simply want to explore your options and see what all the fun is about here, please call us at this number 571-620-7170 as we’d be honored to serve you.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at AMBI Massage School!

A cartoon of graduates with "AMBI's 2018 graduate testimonials" written

White text testimonial on a navy background

White text testimonial on a navy background

Are You Interested in a Career in Massage Therapy and Inspired to Learn More About Career Training at AMBI? Give Us a Call 571-620-7170 at  or Contact Us.